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Founder/President of the Maine Notary Net
Notary Public // Ordained Minister

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Kevin M Carman
Founder & President Maine Notary Net


I was born May 24, 1972 (Gemini) in Brockton, MA to William F Carman (deceased) and Beverly J Carman. Stepson to Ronald Gento (deceased), brother of Dawn Carman (deceased), Uncle to Dylan Gerard (last name withheld).

I grew up in Brockton, MA with my family and graduated from Brockton High School in 1990. I had gone to Associated Technical Institute (ATi) in Boston, MA to study computer programming (Basic, Cobol, C+, Fortran) and graduated with a course certificate in April, 1991.

I spent the next 3 years volunteering full time at the William H Arnone Elementary School in Brockton, working in the office and assisting in the cafeteria and third grade classrooms when needed.

Wanting to further my education in computers, I attended ITT Technical Institute in Framingham, MA from 1993-1995 to study Electronics Engineering Technology, Graduating in 1995 with a Associates of Specialized Electronics Degree.

I have had several jobs within office settings since 1986 (age 14) and most of my work experience falls into this category. In 2001, I relocated to Bangor, ME where I now reside. I became a notary public on September 20, 2001 and have performed a few weddings, which prompted me to start Carman & Associates in 2005 offering Wedding and mobile notary signing agent services.

In 2008, to further my business, I created the Maine Notary Net to serve as a one stop shop to find notaries all throughout Maine, not as a signing company but rather a network where notaries can refer jobs to other notaries when they can not handle the assignment themselves.

At age 14 I had volunteered at a local Brockton, MA hospital and enjoyed it so much that upon moving to Bangor, sought to volunteer again at the local hospital in Bangor. I volunteered from November 2002 until February 2011 as a front desk volunteer with over 8 years and over 10,000 hours total.

Since volunteering at the hospital at the front desk, I saw a need to develop a hospital directory that lists extensions and directions to the offices from a front desk perspective. This database originally started as a way for the volunteer coordinator to keep track of all volunteers in the hospital, such as the jobs they do, their addresses, phone, emergency contacts, etc.

My hobbies include building MSAccess databases, SQL, PHP, CSS, and HTML websites for a challenge, including Visual basic coding, listening to my scanner and Amateur radio (W1KMC), and Bowling.

In June of 2017, I also became an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church. This also allows me to perform weddings for those who wish a minister and not just a Notary Public, and also allows for Baptisms and funerals should someone have a need.

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