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Services We Use

We use these services in the day to day operations of the Maine Notary Net.
Please check them out if you need the type of service listed.
Image LinkName / linkBrief Description
Square Credit Card Processing ServiceSquare Credit Card Service Website

Square up is the credit card processing service for the rest of us. Surprisingly simple to set up and use (iPad/iPhone or Android Powered smartphone required) and a flat fee system [2.7% swiped (they send you a free CC reader) or 3.5%+0.15 for Card-not-present] per transaction. The fees are a bit higher, I admit but you do not need a merchant account and for those on the go, this is a great choice.
PBX in a FlashPBX in a Flash


You can make your PBX Incredible 2020
PBX in a flash with the Incredible 2020 additions is the telephone system we use here at the Maine Notary Net. You can make your own from an old computer, a RaspberryPi3, RaspberryPi4, or even have it hosted for you at a cloud hosting provider. When you join our network we give you an extension on our system.
Hostwinds Cloud Hosting ServiceHostwinds cloud hosting services Website

Hostwinds is one of the three providers we use to host our 13 websites we run. All of the Maine Notary Net sites are here. Small experiment boxes can be had for a few buck a month. Medium and larger sizes available also.
Vultr Cloud Hosting ServiceVultr Cloud Hosting Website

Vultr Cloud Hosting is the 2nd cloud hosting service we use. Our other hobby of amateur radio has sites here and those that are not Maine Notary Net related. They also have similar pricing as hostwinds and as Digital Ocean below.
Digital Ocean cloud hosting ServiceDigital Ocean cloud hosting Service Website

Digital Ocean is the 3rd cloud hosting sevrice we use as an alternative. Like Hostwinds and Vultr, the prices are similar
Namecheap Domain RegistrarNamecheap Website

Namecheap is the domain name registrar we have used for over 10 years now, we plan to stay here another ten or longer.

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