Signing Agent Services Fees

These fees are a base and are negotiable to a point, if a company uses our services often, other options would be available to that company.

Mobile Notary Signing Agent Fee Schedule
Base Mobile Notary Fee$ 100.001 set of docs only - Overnight Docs and return account number, [FedEx/UPS] providedǂ
2nd set of docs, same signingadd $ 20.00 
Edocs as mode of deliveryadd $ 30.00ǂǂPDF Only on Legal 1 set/ 2 copies -- Up to 80 Pages in the set
Edocs - Each Additional Set -- (i.e. 2nd mortgage)add $15.002 copies up to 80 Pages in the set
Fax back notarized documentsFreeUp to 20 pages -- (additional pages beyond 20 - $0.10 per page)
Mileage beyond a 15 mile radiusadd $0.50 /MileAs determined by Mapquest (open the mapquest form on the left for the mileage - starting address is pre-filled) driving directions to destination point.
No return account number provided for docs return overnightadd $15.00 plus actual shipping charged to my accountReceipt will be provided on invoice.
Cancellation < 2 Hours prior or No Show / refusal to sign1/2 of contracted fee.Payable within 7 days. [no invoice will be sent]
Emergency Serviceadd $ 10.00same day < 4 hours notice using edocs as mode of delivery

ǂ If sending docs by overnight courier DO NOT include a filled out return label or form as I WILL NOT USE IT - origin codes are built in to the computer labels and are incorrect if printed by you, and the paper handwritten labels detach too easily. Just provide the account number. Providing a return label instead of the account # is the same as no account # at all and YOU WILL BE CHARGED for failure to comply with these instructions. (This applies to home office service only - other notaries in our network may not care.)

ǂǂ We are only accepting E-docs from companies who have used our services before OR if the documents are ready WHEN YOU CALL for the next days appointment. There have been appointments made, using e-docs that we have required by a certain time, the time came and went and no docs. When called, there were problems with the loan and the appointment had to be rescheduled, which caused a waste of our time (waiting for the docs) and loss of income (never called on the reschedule). We are sorry for the inconvenience but we are in business to provide signing services, not to wait all day for documents that do not arrive. However other notaries in our network may take your e-docs without these restrictions, so call us and we will try to find you an accommodating notary.

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