Wedding Sevices Fees

As an officer of the state it is a privilege to perform a wedding.

Usual services are as follows and are included free of charge.

  • Meet bride, groom, and witnesses the night before (if possible), to do the paperwork and get it out of the way.
    (I am one who believes the groom should not see the bride before the ceremony).
  • A keepsake certificate, 2 Certified Copies of your Marriage License (1 Laminated for framing and one to keep safe and for legal proof of your marriage),
    and a laminated copy of your ceremony suitable for framing will be mailed after the ceremony. ($30 Value)
  • Perform Ceremony
  • File the license with the City/Town of issue (In Person is best). It is the Officiant''s responsibility to file the completed license NOT the Bride or Groom.
    If distance does not allow hand delivery, Certified Mail/Return Receipt will be used instead.

Names of florists [and bakers specializing in wedding cakes (coming soon)] are on our Wedding Services page.

Wedding Service Fees
Performing the Ceremony$ 60.00All services Listed Above are included
Certified Mail /
Return Receipt Requested
$ 6.00Where hand delivery is not possible
Fees charged are USPS fees of $5.21 + .79 Handling fee
Travel/Gas/Distance Fees -
Long Distance
add $ 10.00 for every
County Line crossed
Travel/Gas Fees -
Local (Bangor Area)
add $ 5.00 per town
line after 2
e.g.: Eddington = $ 5.00 (Bangor/Brewer Line
& Brewer/Eddington Line)
In the case of surrounding close distance counties the Local & long distance fee will be combined as such:
Ex-1: Bangor (Penobscot County) to Dover-Foxcroft (Piscataquis County)
Bangor/Glenburn/Kenduskaeg/Corrinth[county change]/Charleston/Dover-Foxcroft = $15.00
1 additional town line is dropped from calculation

Ex-2: Bangor (Penobscot County) to Belfast (Waldo County)
Bangor/Hampden/[County Line]Winterport/Frankfort/Prospect/Stockton Springs/Searsport/Belfast = $ 25.00
Once a County line is crossed the town line count is reset

These fees are just to cover the Notary Public's expenses due to rising costs. Some would rather do ceremonies for donations but found this is not practical. We thank you for your understanding.

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